Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shopping list for 2012

This is my target list for this year. Things I've been wanting for so long but just too over budget right now. I will work my ass off this 2012 to hit these targets. If I can do it, you can too! :)
Christian Louboutin studded loafers
Saw the topshop's version but the studs are too little compared to this. 
Hopefully I can find an alternative cheaper version of this. ;p

Paul boutique's skull bag
This is consider in my budget but everytime I want to get it, I almost spent all my money for the month, which sucks a lot. 
I love this so much with the skull print on it! 

Balenciaga wallet in black
I seriously need a replacement for my hot pink Prada wallet. Because it's hot pink, it's so easy to get dirty or whatever on the leather & takes ages to wipe them off. 
And I need a longer wallet so the cash won't have to fold in half & need more cards slots. ;p
I guess I just have to start looking for part time job.
Oh and it matches the PB's bag! 

Dr Martens boots
Okay so I don't 'need' this, I should say I WANT THIS SO BAD! This sounds more appropriate. 
I just feels like everyone needs a pair of docs to complete their wardrobe. 
A pair of wine red & black ones, that'll be heaven! 

Olay x pro brush
I know this is kind of unrelated to anything listed above, but I've read through so many good reviews about it. 
I've got many major scars on my left face and they wouldn't go off no matter what I tried. 
This brush is not available in Malaysia yet, which is normal cause M'sia is always behind footstep of other countries. Grr. I might have to go and search for it in Adelaide when I'm there next month. 

Guess that;s all for now. 
I'll keep update my wishlist/shopping list. ;D 
Set a target for yourself, I swear you'll feel so different when you actually achieved your target one day.