Saturday, December 31, 2011


Yes it's 2012 already! Celebrate the eve with my family. Here's an awesome fireworks pic I took, tons more to update. By the way, lovely pimples pay my face a visit and decided to stay with me for the new years eve, let's hope they will go away by tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nail polishes ; December Haul ; Shopping Obsession thoughts

Received my Comme des garcons Play tee from Dover Street Market  today! 
They provide excellent service, my package just reached here within a 5 days. Insanely fast. 
Bought this online because they were providing free delivery service internationally until 23rd dec only. And I knew this on the 22nd, without second thoughts, I just clicked clicked clicked and got the size I wanted, check out, paid. 
4 days later, ta-daa! 

Love Moschino Belt

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I received this right before Christmas. And you know what, I actually ordered this on ebay on the 22nd NOVEMBER. Excellent service compared to the one above, yes?
I don't know whose fault is that for this ridiculous late package, the seller or EMS service. whatever. 
The belt doesn't really turned up like the one I expected, but I've had enough of waiting so I guess I'll just live with it.
I love this belt a lot, the only thing I hate is the love buckle. So big and bulky.
Still, I love this belt. Nuff said. 

Went to the mall yesterday with my boyfriend. And was just browsing through instagram and saw many awesome nails, and look back at mine, it just sucks. 
So we went to every beauty shop that sells nail polishes, randomly picked up those I think that I would wear. Bought 4 colours from Etude House, a korea brand. They were having sales at that time, 1 nail polish costs around RM5.90 (very cheap) & still less 30%! Just like any other girls would do, I have gone crazy. Their colors are really nice though even it's cheap, I would say it is at a reasonable price. ;)
And then we went to The Face shop, they don't have many colours left at the store so didn't get any because they were kinda pricey compared to Etude House's. Don't blame me, I saw the cheaper ones first so other polishes that are RM10 above are not reasonable enough for me. (Don't judge!)

Got some from Sasa. Word of advice: Don't buy sasatinnie nail polishes. The colors suck. Its the 4th one from the left. Grey Blackish with glitters in it. The color is so light and you wouldn't believe it's from that bottle. Even that I applied it twice on my nails, it's still not the color I wanted. 

 Free manicure session from my boyfriend, LOL. Got to admit he does much better nail than me. I'm always so clumsy and just messed my nails up. 
The base coat I used is the Black one from Etude House, and apply the silverish glitter on my nails, 3rd one from the left in the pic, from Sasa. Only RM3.90. MADNESS. 
Top coat I used Sally Hansen Mega shine. & Ta-daa!

I have to share this with you guys because I've been wanting this for a very long time! Everyone that knows me they'll know I've been searching for a leopard print ballet flats for months. (Okay just 1 month)
Trust me. I've searched everywhere, I've found some but the prints are just not that nice or it is too pricey like the Nine West 's ones. 
I got this baby at the MANGO sales. When I went in the store, it was so crowded. Yes, you can ask any girls in Malaysia, they'll tell you the madness scene in MNG sales. 
So I went to the corner and wait for my mum, until I saw this shoes! They were LITERALLY calling for my name. 
I quickly find my size despite all the madness around me, because there were very few sizes left. 
Got the size 37, I normally wear 36, but this time 37 fits me well. I know right? so I thought this shoes must be mine. And it's made from genuine leather! What's more to ask from?! 
Paid and the counter and walked out the store with ultimate satisfaction. 
This is a normal girl's thought, no guys will understand. 

Tell me if you feel the same before like I did. Let me know I'm not the craziest shopper. ;)

A Christmassy blog post ; OOTD

It's the 27th! 4 more days to end 2011. This kind of scares me because this whole year just like 'whoop' in a second and here we are in December already. Crazy!
Spent my Christmas eve with relatives at the Lone Pine Hotel Penang. It was rather boring, I know I shouldn't be complaining but it was REALLY boring. Only thing that was quite nice is that they serve free flow beer and wine. (the wine that they served sucks by the way)

Got my awesome belt in the door on the 24th. I screamed like a mad cow because I never thought it would make it on time and it's just nice for my outfit that night! Perfecto.
If you're wondering, I got this belt from ebay. Couldn't find it anywhere else, not even in the Moschino retail store.
Spent my christmas day at my boyfriend's house party and then hop on to my house's barbecue party then went out and chill with our friends. What a night. ;D
Alrighty, time to chill on the couch and watch How I Met Your Mother, don't you guys just love Barney?!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The muppets show

Went to movies earlier with my sister, the muppets show starring by Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Got to say it's pretty awesome but the story line is so predictable. Still, I love the show. Miss Piggy is just like all about glamour! She's so perfect in everything except that she's a pig. (just kidding)
Even before this movie I didn't know Jason segel could sing like that! And many stars appeared on that show, my favorite is still Neil Patrick Harris, no doubt. He's just awesome in every way, right?

I would rate 4/5 stars for this movie. Although there are many people slept in the theatre, maybe they don't enjoy musical that much. Hmmph

Look at my awesome moomin candy! I don't know if you guys watch their show, I used to watch it when I was young I guess. Can't really remember but this cartoon looks so familiar so I got it. And cute colors combination!

Alrighty, time to go. Toodles!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Drugstore haul ; OOTD ; Random thoughts/reviews

Here's a picture of my dog saying HI. :)

OOTD. I love this bag, it's a Proenza Schouler inspired satchel in smallest version

Went to run some errands today and got some free time..what else would I do, go to my favorite drugstore & pick up some random new stuffs! 
Yes it's even more exciting than buying new clothes sometimes.

Been really wanted to try this Garnier Instant Fairness BB eye roll-on for a while, finally got it at RM20++. Tried a lil on my hand earlier, got to say it's quite watery. But I read so many good reviews about it so might as well give it a shot ey. 

Also picked up the Nivea chap stick in pink guava. It doesn't really taste like pink guava though, more like watermelon? But the shimmer is quite subtle, which is a good thing. 
Another lip stuff, lip smacker in paul frank edition, got it in the strawberry banana flavor. 
To be honest, I think this only looks good on the outside. 

If compared this to Nivea's, 
I'd go for Nivea chap stick. Both actually gave the almost same effect, even though Lip Smacker's is stated as 'lip gloss'. Nivea's chap stick gives a more shimmery lip gloss look. 

Packaging is so cute yes?

I got this Majiami Acne Treatment & concealer pen because of the title written on the packaging, it claims that can cure your scars and also conceal at the same time. 
Who wouldn't buy that after reading that line?
Even though Oxy Cover does the same job, but I always find it too dry for my skin. And the color doesn't match at all, it's always darker than my skin tone so I only use it when I got a really big pimple that I want to dry it out ASAP. 

I will write a review about this pen after a few days try out. 
if this works, it would make so many girls happy! And i'm one of them. ;)

Got this on the mail this morning, 
Proenza Schouler satchel inspired in black. 
Waited for so long & it's finally here!
Spot the Stitch iPhone cover next to it. Ultimate cuteness overload! 

Enough random stuffs for this post, toodles! ;)

Thoughts on tattoo.

'This is it, I'm getting a tattoo.'
Yes this always came up in my mind, but I have no idea what should I get for my tattoo, and which part of my body should I tattoo, how big should my tattoo be, is it okay with my parents, should I tattoo on a place where everyone can see.
Too many questions just bobbled up at once and after that, I gave up that thought.
I think tattoo should be something symbolic, or something that inspire you so you inked it on your body.
I know some people, they got themselves a tattoo when they were drunk, which could be the worst mistake that they've ever done. Unless it's a really awesome tattoo.
When we were in high school, I used to think getting a tattoo is really cool and always wanted to get it right after my graduation. Well, 3 years later, TODAY, I still don't have any. I don't want to rush things,
I really want something that can inspire me, something that one day when my grandchildren ask me what is that tattoo about and I can actually tell them a story.

I guess people just tend to neglect the fact that tattoo is forever, they just go into the tattoo parlor and got a tattoo on their arm, something like..a dragon, butterfly or a random pop star name that they were obsessed at the time. SERIOUSLY?

Found this girl who has stars all over half of her face, to be frank I have no idea why on earth she did that.. 

BUT it looks good on Kat von D.

Also found out this girl that inked Drake's name on her FOREHEAD. 

I didn't mean to offend anyone with tattoo here, I just write what I think. :)
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Here we go..

So..this is the part that I will start introducing myself and tell out why I started this blog.
To be honest, I just read through a UK blogger, Zoella's blog post. I've been a loyal fan of her since a year ago. And she inspired me in so many things, even blogging right now.
I've got a blog few years back then. Ok, so not only A blog. many blogs actually, but I just end up neglecting them and never blogged again. I tend to create a new blog when I got bored of the previous one, I don't know why but this is a very bad habit. I want to stay focus on the same thing, like now..I set a target, never create any new useless blog just to get rid of the old one when I'm bored of it. This is a new target for me.Ah yes, a new resolution for 2012!
Don't don't don't be so irresponsible to your own blog Yilin.
I know I'm just typing all these to myself, probably no one will read it, but I know I will read this all again one day when I'm 25 or something. Just see how many things have changed, and all my thoughts will be different when I get older.

Yeah so..Hi future 25 y.o Yilin!