Monday, December 19, 2011

Here we go..

So..this is the part that I will start introducing myself and tell out why I started this blog.
To be honest, I just read through a UK blogger, Zoella's blog post. I've been a loyal fan of her since a year ago. And she inspired me in so many things, even blogging right now.
I've got a blog few years back then. Ok, so not only A blog. many blogs actually, but I just end up neglecting them and never blogged again. I tend to create a new blog when I got bored of the previous one, I don't know why but this is a very bad habit. I want to stay focus on the same thing, like now..I set a target, never create any new useless blog just to get rid of the old one when I'm bored of it. This is a new target for me.Ah yes, a new resolution for 2012!
Don't don't don't be so irresponsible to your own blog Yilin.
I know I'm just typing all these to myself, probably no one will read it, but I know I will read this all again one day when I'm 25 or something. Just see how many things have changed, and all my thoughts will be different when I get older.

Yeah so..Hi future 25 y.o Yilin!

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