Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nail polishes ; December Haul ; Shopping Obsession thoughts

Received my Comme des garcons Play tee from Dover Street Market  today! 
They provide excellent service, my package just reached here within a 5 days. Insanely fast. 
Bought this online because they were providing free delivery service internationally until 23rd dec only. And I knew this on the 22nd, without second thoughts, I just clicked clicked clicked and got the size I wanted, check out, paid. 
4 days later, ta-daa! 

Love Moschino Belt

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I received this right before Christmas. And you know what, I actually ordered this on ebay on the 22nd NOVEMBER. Excellent service compared to the one above, yes?
I don't know whose fault is that for this ridiculous late package, the seller or EMS service. whatever. 
The belt doesn't really turned up like the one I expected, but I've had enough of waiting so I guess I'll just live with it.
I love this belt a lot, the only thing I hate is the love buckle. So big and bulky.
Still, I love this belt. Nuff said. 

Went to the mall yesterday with my boyfriend. And was just browsing through instagram and saw many awesome nails, and look back at mine, it just sucks. 
So we went to every beauty shop that sells nail polishes, randomly picked up those I think that I would wear. Bought 4 colours from Etude House, a korea brand. They were having sales at that time, 1 nail polish costs around RM5.90 (very cheap) & still less 30%! Just like any other girls would do, I have gone crazy. Their colors are really nice though even it's cheap, I would say it is at a reasonable price. ;)
And then we went to The Face shop, they don't have many colours left at the store so didn't get any because they were kinda pricey compared to Etude House's. Don't blame me, I saw the cheaper ones first so other polishes that are RM10 above are not reasonable enough for me. (Don't judge!)

Got some from Sasa. Word of advice: Don't buy sasatinnie nail polishes. The colors suck. Its the 4th one from the left. Grey Blackish with glitters in it. The color is so light and you wouldn't believe it's from that bottle. Even that I applied it twice on my nails, it's still not the color I wanted. 

 Free manicure session from my boyfriend, LOL. Got to admit he does much better nail than me. I'm always so clumsy and just messed my nails up. 
The base coat I used is the Black one from Etude House, and apply the silverish glitter on my nails, 3rd one from the left in the pic, from Sasa. Only RM3.90. MADNESS. 
Top coat I used Sally Hansen Mega shine. & Ta-daa!

I have to share this with you guys because I've been wanting this for a very long time! Everyone that knows me they'll know I've been searching for a leopard print ballet flats for months. (Okay just 1 month)
Trust me. I've searched everywhere, I've found some but the prints are just not that nice or it is too pricey like the Nine West 's ones. 
I got this baby at the MANGO sales. When I went in the store, it was so crowded. Yes, you can ask any girls in Malaysia, they'll tell you the madness scene in MNG sales. 
So I went to the corner and wait for my mum, until I saw this shoes! They were LITERALLY calling for my name. 
I quickly find my size despite all the madness around me, because there were very few sizes left. 
Got the size 37, I normally wear 36, but this time 37 fits me well. I know right? so I thought this shoes must be mine. And it's made from genuine leather! What's more to ask from?! 
Paid and the counter and walked out the store with ultimate satisfaction. 
This is a normal girl's thought, no guys will understand. 

Tell me if you feel the same before like I did. Let me know I'm not the craziest shopper. ;)

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