Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmassy blog post ; OOTD

It's the 27th! 4 more days to end 2011. This kind of scares me because this whole year just like 'whoop' in a second and here we are in December already. Crazy!
Spent my Christmas eve with relatives at the Lone Pine Hotel Penang. It was rather boring, I know I shouldn't be complaining but it was REALLY boring. Only thing that was quite nice is that they serve free flow beer and wine. (the wine that they served sucks by the way)

Got my awesome belt in the door on the 24th. I screamed like a mad cow because I never thought it would make it on time and it's just nice for my outfit that night! Perfecto.
If you're wondering, I got this belt from ebay. Couldn't find it anywhere else, not even in the Moschino retail store.
Spent my christmas day at my boyfriend's house party and then hop on to my house's barbecue party then went out and chill with our friends. What a night. ;D
Alrighty, time to chill on the couch and watch How I Met Your Mother, don't you guys just love Barney?!


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