Monday, December 19, 2011

Drugstore haul ; OOTD ; Random thoughts/reviews

Here's a picture of my dog saying HI. :)

OOTD. I love this bag, it's a Proenza Schouler inspired satchel in smallest version

Went to run some errands today and got some free time..what else would I do, go to my favorite drugstore & pick up some random new stuffs! 
Yes it's even more exciting than buying new clothes sometimes.

Been really wanted to try this Garnier Instant Fairness BB eye roll-on for a while, finally got it at RM20++. Tried a lil on my hand earlier, got to say it's quite watery. But I read so many good reviews about it so might as well give it a shot ey. 

Also picked up the Nivea chap stick in pink guava. It doesn't really taste like pink guava though, more like watermelon? But the shimmer is quite subtle, which is a good thing. 
Another lip stuff, lip smacker in paul frank edition, got it in the strawberry banana flavor. 
To be honest, I think this only looks good on the outside. 

If compared this to Nivea's, 
I'd go for Nivea chap stick. Both actually gave the almost same effect, even though Lip Smacker's is stated as 'lip gloss'. Nivea's chap stick gives a more shimmery lip gloss look. 

Packaging is so cute yes?

I got this Majiami Acne Treatment & concealer pen because of the title written on the packaging, it claims that can cure your scars and also conceal at the same time. 
Who wouldn't buy that after reading that line?
Even though Oxy Cover does the same job, but I always find it too dry for my skin. And the color doesn't match at all, it's always darker than my skin tone so I only use it when I got a really big pimple that I want to dry it out ASAP. 

I will write a review about this pen after a few days try out. 
if this works, it would make so many girls happy! And i'm one of them. ;)

Got this on the mail this morning, 
Proenza Schouler satchel inspired in black. 
Waited for so long & it's finally here!
Spot the Stitch iPhone cover next to it. Ultimate cuteness overload! 

Enough random stuffs for this post, toodles! ;)

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