Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The muppets show

Went to movies earlier with my sister, the muppets show starring by Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Got to say it's pretty awesome but the story line is so predictable. Still, I love the show. Miss Piggy is just like all about glamour! She's so perfect in everything except that she's a pig. (just kidding)
Even before this movie I didn't know Jason segel could sing like that! And many stars appeared on that show, my favorite is still Neil Patrick Harris, no doubt. He's just awesome in every way, right?

I would rate 4/5 stars for this movie. Although there are many people slept in the theatre, maybe they don't enjoy musical that much. Hmmph

Look at my awesome moomin candy! I don't know if you guys watch their show, I used to watch it when I was young I guess. Can't really remember but this cartoon looks so familiar so I got it. And cute colors combination!

Alrighty, time to go. Toodles!

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